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Monday, July 28, 2008

Unfortunately, my idea of beauty and travel is different from my wife's. She prefers to lounge, supine, somewhere beautiful, staring at something like mountains or an ocean. I prefer to get into a car and explore a region or place that everyone else has ignored, which means I've been trying , unsuccessfully, for nearly 20 years to get Carol to accompany me to these places:

1. Buffalo, New York, site of the deserted Bethlehem Steel Plant and the infamous Love Canal (remember the big toxic-dump scare that happened there?)
2. Lubbock, Texas.
2. Bakersfield, California.
4. Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Alas, I had seen none of them ... until this month! In early July we had a family reunion in Boise, and Carol said, "Here's your chance. I'll fly home, and you can drive across Montana and all of North Dakota, and then fly out of Grand Forks. Haley's at camp. You've got two weeks of freedom. Go for it, honey!!"

"You don't want to go with me?" I asked.

"Uhhmmmm, I really can't take the time away from work," she answered, then quickly left the room.

I decided to traverse the two-lane U.S. Highway 2, which parallels the Canadian border, just about 50 miles south. I figured what the hell: If I'm going to North Dakota, then I might as well explore Northern North Dakota, right?

Don't believe me? Here's proof:

That's Theodore Roosevelt's picture in the oval. Still trying to figure that one out since he was from the East. I'll keep you posted on my investigation. And look forward to future snapshots and insights of Northern North Dakota in the coming days. I will, however, admit, that I came home four days early. Okay, let me put it another way: I spent two days in North Dakota. But they were very full days, as you will soon see.


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