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Guns are for Weenies
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My daughter can spend hours watching movies set in older times. These movies always have horses as transportation. And queens and princesses. And they're usually very gory with drawn-out battles. "Braveheart" is one such movie. As is "Gladiator." As is the TV series "Rome."

"What?" I finally asked her. "You like men in skirts?"

Insert eye-rolling here.

"What then? If you like violent movies you should try out some war movies. Like the Civil War. They're very dramatic."

She shook her head. "Not interested."


"Because they had guns for the Civil War."


"If you haven't noticed, Dad, real men ceased to exist with the invention of gunpowder."

She went on to say that gunpowder leveled the playing field -- (HA! That one's mine!) -- that it changed all of Darwin's rules. With a gun, you don't have to be the strongest and fiercest to win. All you need is more fire-power.

"Gunpowder took all the valor out of fighting for one's life," she said. "Any idiot can fire a gun."

And then it dawned on me: That's why she loves Stars Wars, in which the fighting is done with light sabers ... which are swords with nuclear-strength, limb-cutting potential.

By the way, my daughter fences ... and she's pretty good, so don't be messing with her. Those rubber tips DO come off, and she can definitely poke an eye out!


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