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Happy Birthday to ...
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doctor: Okay, Mr. Hudler, now I need you to push hard. Now's the time to PUSH, you hear me??!? Okay now ... PUSH!!!!


Doc: Just one more time now! PUSSSSSHHHHHHH!

Ad: I hate you! I hate you! I haaaaate youuuuuuuu!

Doc: Almost over now, I promise ... one more push!


Doc: Yes! ... Nice job! ... almost finished ... perfect ... and look what we have here, Mr. Hudler, a ...

...healthy, wonderful BOOK!

Ad here: Yep, folks, today's the day: the launch of the North American edition of MAN OF THE HOUSE, my sequel to HOUSEHUSBAND. Now I switch from writer mode to author mode. The main difference: Writer mode is the lonely, creative part where I sit by myself for days, months at a time and do the actual writing. Author mode is when it's time to sell, and I hit the road and do the chicken-dinner circuit. Honestly, I love author mode ... love getting out there and meeting my readers and the wonderful booksellers that peddle Ad Hudler to the literate masses.

I'm going to try to blog daily from the road while on tour this next month ... and most of the blogging will be about the tour: the people I meet, the things I see ... the gin I drink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget Tanqueray and try Plymouth. Safe travels and many sales, my hermano.

October 2, 2008 at 3:00 PM  

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