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Hey, pretty lady, can you make me an omelette?
Saturday, September 20, 2008

The answer would be "no" because Carol, my lovely wife, does not cook. (And for the life of me, I can't remember what she was pretending to cook here. Hmmmm) I have seen her make toast before. Oh, and coffee. She's also very good at shredding a supermarket-cooked rotisserie chicken over packaged green salad.

Here's a little-known fact about my wife: She only marries men who can cook. I'm husband No. 2. Husband no. 1 was an even better cook, I hear. This incredible woman so badly wanted to avoid the kitchen that when it was time for her to take the mandatory-for-girls home-economics class in Onaga Junior High School she petitioned the school board to get the sexist requirement removed. Yep, Carol was the first woman in Onaga, Kansas, who did not have to learn how to sew on a button or dress a turkey. Doesn't surprise me at all that she's the successful media-company executive that she is.

Dressing a turkey: What a weird use of the word 'dress.' Strange images come to mind, don't they? Little booties, a hat ... maybe underwear. I tried to google an image of a turkey in cute little clothes by typing in "cartoon turkey in clothes." This is what I found in the results:

Yeah, I think Google needs to tinker a little bit more with their key words and cataloging.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the picture of... Carol, not the dressed turkey(?)

Me, as a typical Latina I've raised to "serve" my husband. OK. I'm being stereotypical, but everyone one know the macho society south of the border. I had my awakening one day! But I still love to cook.

Martha Hill

September 21, 2008 at 10:15 PM  

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