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Meet "Da"
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Years ago -- correction: decades -- I was having a bad day, and apparently I was in a very bad mood because my girlfriend, Lisa, said: "Is this Ad talking, or Da? Because I don't think Ad would say such horrible things."

"Da?" I asked

"Ad spelled backwards," she explained. "Your evil twin: Da."

We all have evil twins, and, according to Lisa, their names are the mirror image of your first-name. Carol would be Lorac. Mike would be Ekim. And so on.

Of course, the key to maintaining a civilized society is to make sure we all are able to suppress those evil twins day to day, to shackle them and tape shut their mouths.

Yet when we are tired ... or anxious ... or stressed out ... those evil twins flare up like oxygenated fire and do and say things that are ... well, not so nice. A handy hint on how to keep this from happening is to talk with your evil twin, out loud:

"Now, Da, I know you want to tell that woman her perfume smells like ass, and that you find it as offensive as cigarette smoke ... but, now, we REALLY shouldn't say that, should we?"

"No, Da! NO! Do NOT kick that dog."

"No, Da, a Catholic funeral is NOT the time to yell out, "What is this obsession with the Virgin Mary all about?!?!?!"

Gin makes Da stronger. So does a lack of sleep.


Blogger danaland said...

I remember you telling me about “Da” when we first met in St. Augustine, Florida and I remember thinking I wonder if “Anad” and “Da” would get along. Tequila brings out the best in “Anad”

BTW please don’t post any more pictures of my Dad’s coconuts!

Dana aka Anad

September 29, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

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