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Saturday, September 13, 2008

He has this on his patio:

Larger than life-size, I kid you not. About 7 feet tall. Spotted in Naples, Florida. Shall we call her "Sex Slave Pirate Wench?"(Oh, and I need to say here that the statue is holding a tray, as if she is there to "serve" you.)

I sometimes teach a class at writers workshops called "Please, Judge the Book by its Cover." And I tell folks that although people will often lie in their spoken message, they often inadvertently, unconsciously reveal much about their character based on the details they surround themselves with. Now, you tell me ... what does this say about its owner?


Confession: There IS a full-body shot of the statue, but unfortunately I couldn't use it because it includes me and my friend, Fritz, interacting with her in a way that would be embarrassing for both you and me.

GIN COUNT: Absolutely NONE last night! Zero! And I was all alone for five hours because my wife was out of town, and my daugher was on the town. Instead, I read 80 pages of Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" ... a hilarious account of his trek on the Appalachian Trail with his fat, whiny friend.


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