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"Ad Nauseum '08"
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whenever it was time to leave for some place, usually out of town, my dad would sometimes say to me, "Are you forgetting anything? Do you have everything? ... Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch?"

It sounds cliche, but it's solid male wisdom that will definitely help me in the coming weeks of "AD NAUSEUM '08" ... which is the unofficial title of my tour.

SPECTACLES: I need 'em. I'm blind as a bat. And without them I might very well find myself driving to Jacobi, Maine instead of Jacksonville, FL: "Hmmm, I knew Jacksonville was in northern Florida, but it's really COLD here! Is that a snowmobile?" ... And there would certainly be problems in my TV interviews: "Well, yes, Bob, that's exactly what my book is about." And Bob, it turns out, is actually a Roberta with deeper-than-normal female voice.

TESTICLES: This basically translates into testosterone, which translates into aggressiveness, and who doesn't need aggressiveness while traveling these days: "No, Bucko, that suitcase goes under the seat in FRONT of you, not under yours; that's MY LEGROOM you've just stolen!"

WALLET: Yep. Gotta have those AmEx and VISA cards. BTW: I recently lost my wallet and had to call and cancel everything and order new cards. Then I found the wallet in the laundry basket. Sigh.

WATCH: Got to be on TIME! Tardiness is a pet peeve of mine. 'Guess that wouldn't surprise most of you. I think tardiness should have been included in the Ten Commandments. Being late tells the other people involved that you don't value their time. I have friends who are chronically late, and I'll be honest: I think they do it for attention ... unconsciously, of course.

Oh....and the toolbelt problem has been fixed:

Not bad, huh? I used some olive oil and pencils and paint. I also wiped myself down with it when I was all sweaty after a workout. That's a doodle on the bottom left-hand corner.

So ... I'm OFF! Talk to you from the road.


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