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A Day of Interviews
Saturday, October 4, 2008

1. I talked for half-an-hour talk with Josephine Bennett of Georgia Public Radio for the "Cover to Cover" book program. She's one of the up-and-comers in the whole NPR thing, having had features on Marketplace and other national NPR programs. Very engaging and fun. I treated her for pizza next door from the station. I was very hungry and ordered a medium pizza, which I ate all by myself....all but the crusts, which I call the "pizza bones."

2. An afternoon interview on the Macon, GA ABC affiliate that felt more like a session with a shrink. Lots of squirming involved. I know this interviewer; she is a friend of mine, and she interviewed me for nearly an HOUR about the book ... basically saying that MAN OF THE HOUSE was about my midlife crisis. I was later telling my wife about what she said, and she replied: "Well? Did you tell her that she was right?""

3. Today I'm speaking at the Crossroads Writers Conference in downtown Macon. More on this later. I'm also getting a chance to meet Joshilyn Jackson, one of the funniest new Southern chick writers out there right now.


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