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HONESTY with the gin count
Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay, y'all (forgive me, but I've spent the last five days in the deep south and I LOVE that word; it's very efficient)...I am back home on Coconut Drive for four days before venturing out on tour again, and I am way over-doing the gin tonight because I am tired, and I had no gin last night....so, obviously, I ahave hadsome tonightthty.(typos intentional....sort of)

My family got along all right without me, though my daughter admitted that one night my wife said, "We're having chicken and salad tonight." And then, the next night, she said, "We're having chicken and salad tonight." And my daughter said, "But we had that last night." And my wife said, "Oh, no, that was fried chicken. Tonight it's roasted chicken."

Daughter: "But they're all from the supermarket deli." And wife said, "Well, uhmmmm, yes, but do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?!?!??!"

Gin count tonight: 4 BIG gin and tonics. But last night I had to sleep with NO COCKTAILS in a motel in Lake City, Florida, so I am so, like, entitled....okay?


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