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Jacksonville and Macon
Friday, October 3, 2008

1. Had an early-morning interview at a TV station in Jax. We sat in one of those fake-living-room sets, chatting about my book. (Oh...and those coffee mugs you see on the set? They're EMPTY! To make a point, I picked one up during my interview and pretended to have a drink.) QUESTION: Why do all the TV broadcast people look the same in every single city? I mean, there are some differences when you compare those from say, Dallas to Des Moines: the newscasters from the bigger markets have better-fitting clothes, better haircuts.

2. Drove two-lane highways through Georgia, skirting along the Okefenokee swamp. In Macon last night I spoke to a group of students at Macon State College, the Warner Robbins Campus. I had them laughing a lot, but I'll admit: I am a hard one to follow in a talk....very tangential....hard to believe, isn't it? Now ... what was I saying? ;)....the day ended with drinks at a Macon State professor's house, where her husband made me THE BEST MARTINI I HAVE EVER HAD....OKAY, THE BEST TWO MARTINIS I HAVE EVER HAD.

3. Today: Interview on a Macon ABC station, and then a half-hour interview for Georgia Public Radio's book program, Cover to Cover.

4. I am having trouble finding vegetables in restaurants. TRANSLATION: "home cooking" = NO crunchy vegetables.


Blogger Myndee said...

I was in the group of students at Macon State in Warner Robins. I was in the back and got you to sign the book to my BF that said "Myndee is Awesome!"... thanks for that he liked it.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk. I didn't find you hared to follow at all. Members of my class attended and wrote papers on it, and they ALL raved about you. I think we were all really impressed at how cool a real published author was, I think we all expected you to be boring and stuffy. You were not, and it was a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for great evening.

October 3, 2008 at 11:08 PM  

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