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Mr. Clean Update and ... on the road again.
Friday, October 10, 2008

I am pleased to announce that at least three of my readers took my lead and wrote to Proctor and Gamble, asking them that I be made the new Mr. Clean (See yesterday's blog.) One very funny reader, Gena, shared P and G's response with me, and I now share it with you:

Response (RightNow Administrator) - 10/10/2008 09:13 AM Thanks for contacting us. We're honored Ad Hudler wants to represent Mr. Clean, but we don't personally choose the people appearing in our ads. We rely on the agencies we hire to create and handle our advertising. Most of these agencies are located in Chicago and New York City and use models from those areas. Thanks again for writing.
P&G Team

So: Looks like we need to sell the house, honey, and move to New York See-Tay.

TOUR UPDATE: I'm off again today, this time taking my friend, Fritz, with me. Fritz was the inspiration behind the constractor character in my novel MAN OF THE HOUSE. He doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to make him wear a tool belt (with feather duster) and have him stand outside to lure people into the bookstores in Sarasota and Jacksonville. I promise to take pictures this time.


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