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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tomorrow I'm flying to Colorado, to visit my parents in Burlington and to do a book-signing at the local library I used to haunt as a kid. There's no bookstore in my childhood town of 3,600, and one of the family's best friends is the librarian ... so the library it is.

The librarian's name is Della. She knows me too well. When I was a weird kid with no friends (I was the class tattle-tale and chubby and just kinda weird overall) I would hang out with her for hours, talking to her as she shelved or stamped books. I'm realizing now that she probably wanted to run and hide every time she saw me walking across the street, coming her way.

Imagine this:
Ad: "Where is Della."
Librarian assistant: "Oh, she had to run ... on ... on ... on an errand."
Ad: Well, that is strange. Her car is right there in the parking lot."
Librarian assistant: "Well, uhm ... she walked."
Ad: "Oh, well, then, I will just wait for her. She can't be long. I will just sit here with these Beatrix Potter books and amuse myself while she's gone. I have nothing else to do."

(Della, Meanwhile, is hiding in the bathroom.)

Yes, I said Beatrix Potter. Like I said: I was a weird kid. I often picked books based on their covers, whether I found them attractive or not ... and the illustrations on the small-size B.P. books were to my liking.

Those of you who have read my novel, "All This Belongs to Me" will note that Little Ad's voice is similar to that of the character Ellis Norton's.

Hmmmm. Coincidence?

OTHER BOOK NEWS: I am researching a book about finding the right college for your kid. I'm thinking of writing it in a travelogue manner, based on the travels with my daughter. Been taking lots of notes. There are plenty of college guides out there but none that are FUN to read.


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