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Beware the Tattletale Jesus!
Friday, December 12, 2008

It's just getting too hard to commit a crime and get away with it these days, doggone it. Imagine this scenario: You kill someone in a messy way, lots of blood all over the place. And you take out the sponge mop and Mr. Clean and get to work and spend a great amount of time and effort cleaning up the mess, and you are VERY PROUD of your thorough job. And then the cops come to the house and use something called Luminol, a chemical agent that causes blood traces to fluoresce under ultraviolet light (Did you know there was a verb version of fluorescent?) ... and you get busted. Damn that Mr. Clean! And he came so highly recommended.

And consider this: Gone are the days when you could steal the Baby Jesus from the manger scene at your neighborhood church as a joke. (We did this once and replaced it with a G.I. Joe) Well, evidently some churches have grown tired of having to replace their Baby Jesus every year, so they're putting a GPS device INSIDE the Baby Jesus. You've been forewarned, boys! Perhaps you should consider the donkey or cow this year?


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