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Magazine subscriptions: Oh, the deception!
Monday, December 1, 2008

A friend of mine on facebook recently said, "I must be getting old. I renewed my subscription to Savannah Magazine twice during the past two months and was about to do it a third time when I suddenly realized what I'd done."

No, you are NOT going crazy. I, too, have done this countless times. But I have finally figured this out. There's a conspiracy out there. Here's what happens: Many magazines send you a renewal just a few weeks after you've renewed, and you say to yourself, "I thought I did that already," but, of course, you doubt yourself and DO IT AGAIN!!"
You KNOW they do this on purpose; why else would it happen? Those subscription people know we're busy, busy, busy, and they're taking advantage of our crazed, less-than-perfect brains that can't possibly remember everything we need to remember.

So: Does anyone want the rest of my subscription to Muscle and Fitness? I've somehow managed to subscribe through March of 2064.


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