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Ouch ...
Thursday, January 8, 2009

This email sent from a reader, in reaction to yesterday's blog about women drivers and cell phones ...

"I couldn't agree with you more about the cell phone/driving situation. So many accidents and deaths have been caused since the addition of the cell phone to the car. It is a problem. I have my cell phone in the car for emergencies only. Luckily, I haven't had to use it for an emergency. The battery usually dies out from non-use. But I realize I am one of few "Ladies" who do not walk, talk, AND use the restroom while talking on the cell phone ... yes, it's true. "Oh, let me tell you what happened today..." FLUSH. ... Please tell me you are not the 'gentleman' that is so self-important and so impatient that you cannot tolerate a momentary lapse of instant gratification. "Green light! GO!" HONK , "Turn woman, turn!" HONK, "Move, get outta my way!" HONK. Sounds almost as disgusting and annoying as "Uh, huh..." FLUSH.

Ad again: I regret to say that that is EXACTLY what I am yelling in the car. Almost word for word. I have suffered from road rage ever since I began driving. I'm thinking some of it comes from growing up in small town of 3,500 people where EVERYTHING was within a 2-minute drive and, thus, I have no patience for being in a car longer than a few minutes. That's my excuse.

I am, however, starting to mellow a little.

Thanks for the mirror, dear reader in Georgia. I will strive to improve.


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