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A simple pleasure of wintertime
Thursday, January 15, 2009

My definition of perfect timing: While the snow is flying and the landscape is brown and barren in much of the U.S., something wonderful is happening in warmer climes: The citrus trees are bearing fruit! Lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, tangelos, tangerines ... they're all the perfect antidote for senses that have felt frozen and dead for months. What's nicer than peeling an orange or slicing a lemon in the dead of winter and breathing in those microscopic oils that smell like sunshine! There's good reason why so many household cleaners are offered in citrus varities.
Something I do: whenever I fly I always take with me some sort of orange/tangerine. Sometime in the middle of the flight, when I'm weary of breathing that very-stale, recirculated cabin air, I take out the fruit and start to peel it. People from as far away as two rows up and two rows back all crane their necks, looking about them for the source of that great smell ... and then they finally find me, with my orange, and they look at my orange like hungry dogs: "Oh, Man! An Orange! Why didn't I think of bringing an orange?!"

But YOU did bring an orange. And you will enjoy it. Or, if you're feeling nice ... you'll share the sunshine.


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