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How to embarrass a 17-year-old: Elmo explained
Sunday, March 29, 2009

Am in the airport, waiting for a plane to Nebraska, where I'll be for a week, speaking at universities (including my Alma mater, University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Also: speaking to a book club and at a writing class at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Also: a reading at one of the best indie booksellers in the Midwest, Lee Booksellers in south Lincoln.

In my last post I said I was going to have an Elmo-off with my daughter's mock-trial coach. Let me explain: On the car trip from Fort Myers to Orlando we discovered that we both are very good at imitating Elmo, the little furry red, obnoxious-voiced puppet from Sesame Street. And we sound so much alike that my daughter couldn't even tell who was talking. We had planned on conducting a mock-trial scene some night after dinner, using only Elmo voices, but instead we opted for singing Happy Birthday to one of our team's witnesses. Out Loud. In uninhibited Elmo voice. At Emeril's Chop Chop restaurant at Universal Studios.

She seemed a little embarrassed. I have no idea why.


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