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Report from the Courtroom
Friday, March 27, 2009

We are in the courthouse of downtown Orlando for a big mock-trial event; my daughter is captain of her team, and they are competing for the state title. For those who don't know what Mock Trial is, it is a competition in which high-school students present a case to a real judge, and they themselves are judged on their acting and knowledge of the law.

Last night we played a team from Bay County, Florida. They don't announce winners of each round, but I think we kicked their ass. Today we go against two others, then tomorrow, another, and then the final round.

The kids dress like lawyers. Very professional. My daughter, whose long, blond curly hair usually hangs off her head like Niagara Falls, has it pulled back in a bun. She wears pearl earrings and a necklace and pointy, black high heels that would intimidate any man. She's perfectly suited for this competition: she looks sweet and angelic and conservative, but she is a terrier on a cross-examination. By the end of the trial she usually is picking the seat of someones pants from her teeth.

Ditto for the other lead lawyer on her team. He is wispy and perfectly groomed in that Republican way, with glasses, and it looks like you could push him over with a feather, but wow can he litigate! I think one reason these guys have been so successful is because their appearance allows them to take the other team by surprise.

Next: I will report on my Elmo-off with the team coach.


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