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Tropical Diary: Post #295
Thursday, March 5, 2009

We don't have a killing season in south Florida ... no hard freezes that burn all the limbs and leaves so new growth can return the next spring.

Nope. Things here grow all year round ... and grow and grow and grow and grow. I swear, sometimes I can HEAR my yard growing. And because plants don't ever die here in the subtropics, they get old and woody and ugly. That's why, down here, we have the equivalent of Outdoor Spring Cleaning; every few years you have to go in with a chainsaw and pruners and act like a Big Ass Freeze From Hell and cut everything down. Here's what I did last weekend:

Ahhh, new beginnings! You'll note the dark tunnel-like area in the photo. This used to be filled with white bird of paradise and some unknown ratty tree. I'm transforming this new cavity beneath the guava tree into a bromeliad and orchid "room." Perfect lighting for it: lots of shade with some filtered mid-day light. Jungle patios are my thing. I've started designing and making some for friends.


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