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Gosh, they're polite here!
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Final day in Nebraska, and I have to say this: Manners are not dead in all of American culture....at least not in Nebraska. My hosts, Ann and Bud Pagel, held a reception for me after my reading at a bookstore (Lee Booksellers at 56th and Highway 2), and I soon discovered a wonderful Midwestern behavioral trait: If people in Lincoln, Nebraska have been invited to something and they can't come, THEY ACTUALLY PHONE THE HOST TO TELL THEM. Wow, what a concept! How nice is that! NO wasted food or wine, and you get a chance to converse briefly with a friend or colleague. Ad will RSVP from now on. It's the polite thing to do.

One bad thing about my visit: I was sharing a humorous essay with the audience ... one about growing up next door to the mortuary ... and a couple in the front row had just lost a daughter in a car accident. Sure wish I would have known that. Ouch.


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