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Does laughter burn calories?
Monday, May 4, 2009

I have this friend who is easily seduced by new-fad-diet books, which I generally make fun of because they're so outrageous.

S/he has a new one called "The Flat Belly Diet," which I quickly renamed "The FAT Belly Diet". There's a four-day cleansing period in which you eat and drink very little ... including lots of what they call "Sassy Water." I have to admit this stuff sounds pretty good: Mix 2 liters of water with grated ginger root, sliced cucumber, lemon juice and mint leaves, then let it sit in the 'fridge overnight.

But then the unintentional humor! OUCH! On the menu spreadsheet they include an extra column filled with daily "mind tricks," as they're called. Here's my favorite: "Take a virtual vacation. Put on some Hawaiian music while you're preparing your meal and transport yourself to a beach with lapping water and coconut palms. For good measure rub a little suntan oil on your face and inhale deeply. It's snowing outside? Nah. You're in Hawaii."

And another hilarious one: "Sing while you prepare dinner. According to German researchers, you can enjoy up to a 240-percent immunity boost as well as an increase of anti-stress hormones simply by singing."

A: Has too much government grant money on their hands, or
B: Is a big fat liar.