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Author update: What I'm working on
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1. My next novel in progress is set in (Surprise!) Amarillo ... where a character based on Bill Gates feels guilty about the problems computers have caused in the world and goes about building a walled city where technology is barred. My protagonist is a 4th-generation Amarillo lawyer who's in the throes of his midlife crisis. (NO, this is NOT autobiographical!)

2. Also am working on a nonfiction book on how to find the best college fit for your child. It'll be filled with anecdotes from the college-visit road trips I've taken with our own daughter.

3. I miss writing nonfiction, so I am going to do two things in this area: In addition to the college-hunting book I'm going to place essays in national magazines and newspapers, and I'm also going to be writing some home-and-garden stories for my local newspaper. I've found that writing fiction alone has been driving me NUTS! It's good to get back out into the real world.


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