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Look what we made!
Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daughter Haley wanted a ribbon board for college. I had no idea what one was, but with help from the WWW and Debbie at Joanne's Fabrics we put this together. Most favorite part: Using the staple gun. Least favorite: sewing on 28 buttons. Haley and I took turns doing the later. Ouch.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Ad!
Beautiful ribbon board! Love the color! So much more fun to decorate girl dorm rooms. Even the adds on TV for dorm essentials showcase the stuff for gals. It is just so much more fun. Jake did find a comforter set primarily beige but with dark brown and green accents. Better than the other one with the typical black and red and gray color scheme. He took some of his own framed drawings (blck and white) and a poster of a chimp from Target to adorn his walls. Oh well, he likes it so that is all that matters right?!
Thank you for the autographed copy of Man of the House you sent to Jan's for our girl's weekend!! Loved it! Very sweet and thoughtful of you. So, naturally you were mentioned throughout the long weekend and we gave each other sh-- over the endearments we each received from you. Lots of fun that weekend! Lots of laughter and good times!
Take care and I am empathizing with your recent life transition!
Sarah B

August 24, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

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