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You know times are bad ...
Monday, September 21, 2009

I was on a whirlwind tour of beaches in my area with a friend yesterday, on assignment for Airtran Airways' inflight magazine ... when I noticed something very odd at the Naples Ritz-Carlton. There, on the sand, were their trademark blue beach umbrellas and chaise lounges ... and every one of them had a big, white US Bank logo on them! Indeed, times must be very tough in order for the upscale hotel chain to sully their appearance of perfection like that ... and I will admit that it really cheapened their image. Wonder how much they're getting. Is it per umbrella?

Another sign that times are tough: I had a friend tell me that, before they get in the car to go to a favorite store or restaurant these days, they always call ahead to make sure it's still open!


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