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Honey, I shrunk the jeans
Monday, November 30, 2009

I was at my parents' house in Colorado for Thanksgiving when I realized I had not been sitting down for two days. I would stand during conversation, or I would lie/lay (I NEVER get that word right) on the floor.

"Funniest thing," I said to my niece. "My jeans seem to have shrunk."

Not missing a beat, my very-smart niece threw me a lifeline: "Oh, it's the altitude, Uncle Ad. Jeans shrink in higher altitudes, especially around the waistline."

At any rate, I got home to Florida and immediately changed into my one-size-bigger jeans I normally wear when I'm doing landscape work outside. MUCH BETTER! I've always called them my landscaping jeans. Guess I'd better change the name to "fatty jeans."


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