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Maybe the Grossest Thing I've Ever Seen ...
Friday, November 20, 2009

From a reader, Gena in Georgia:

AD: Here's a photo to go along with the 'decomposing rat in the front yard' story!

The attached photo is what is growing--not decomposing--growing on my lawnmower. Yes, growing. Last week, Spot the Cat, threw up giblets (he hates Friskies) onto my lawnmower. It looked gross by Friday, so I didn't remove it. Sorta hoped it would disappear.

By Sunday, the mass of giblets starting taking on an odd shape, and it was getting furry. Soft downy fur. Photo taken yesterday! It now has the shape of mouse, an eye, fuzzy fur underneath long shiny hairs! Long shiny hairs! Truth - stranger than fiction. I sent our "Poop Pet" photo to Bibb County Extension Office, University of Georgia extension, but they haven't responded. If it starts to move or squeak - I am either OUTTA HERE or WAY RICH! Update later.

Ad again: OMG! Do you think this might be a cure for cancer or something?


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