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The OTHER Athens ... the one where they say "y'all"
Sunday, December 6, 2009

For those of you who don't know this, my wife recently took a new job in Nashville, and I've been up there this weekend to help us find a new spot to live. We have no plans on selling our Florida home on Coconut Drive, where I will base my writing work and stay much of the time. Not sure what I'd do with our special-needs cats, Tomas and Mitchell ... and, well, it IS Florida and a waterfront home at that. And there's this horrible thing called a "bursting of the real-estate bubble" that's occurred in Florida, and our home is now worth about, oh, I'd say $2.56. So ... bad time to sell ... and our daughter will KILL us if we sell her childhood home ... so It'll be my primary residence. I'll be going back and forth a lot, and so will Carol.

So, I'll be writing a lot about Music City in the following few years. I've got to say I'm pleasantly thrilled. It's a very cool town. With all the wealthy recording-industry stuff it feels a lot like LA (California, NOT Louisiana) The city is populated with beautiful young people who have come to get famous with their singing or songwriting, and they wait on tables and manage stores in the malls. The city has great museums, restaurants and shopping and is visually beautiful...even its freeways are landscaped. RANDOM: There's a freakin' life-size, perfectly scaled replica of the Parthenon in a park in midtown. (Built to show that Nashville is the "Athens of the South.")

Some things I like: A bagel/NYC-style deli called "Noshville"
ALSO: Lots of good Mediterranean restaurants (Hey, there's that Athens thing again!)
Also: Our new home (rental) in the Veridian highrise downtown. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the 29th Floor. Rooftop pool. A gourmet market on the first floor. I will definitely have the only pickup truck in the building.
And some man who lives there has a hairless dog that, according to my wife, looks like a rat on a leash.
Maybe I should get a rat-dog to ride around in my truck.


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