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Dear Oklahoma City Public Works Director ...
Sunday, January 24, 2010

I recently spent three days in your city, and while I enjoyed the pigeon museum, the western-wear stores and the barbecue I was bothered by a multitude of things that need addressed:

1. Please fix your roads, and pass this message on to your counterpart at the state level. I have never driven on worse roads anywhere. I repeat: ANYWHERE. Dirt roads in Kansas provide a smoother ride than your freeways.

2. Include in your driver's manual something about MERGING. Never have I encountered so many people who choose to run you down rather than move over to an empty spot in the next lane.

3. Straighten those telephone poles. They give your city the appearance of having been through a bad fight at the bar.

4. A few sidewalks, perhaps? I was forced to jog in a circle in a Wal-mart parking lot, feeling very much like a greyhound or gerbil.

5. Perhaps some zoning laws? Electrical sub-station next to daycare next to Burger King next to apartment complex?

You can find more at my new website: ABetterOklahomaCity.com

With deepest regards and sincerity,
Mr. Fussy


Anonymous Walter said...

Dear Mr. Hudler:

Thank you for your recent trip to the wonderful Oklahoma City. We are glad you enjoyed your stay and look forward to your return. We are very proud of the large Wal-Mart parking lots and are pleased that you found them so conducive to your exercise regiment. We will be happy to review the other concerns, but the link to the website noted in your article is not valid. We value feedback from our visitors and want to "lasso" you back again.

Walter Francine
Director, Visitors Bureau

January 25, 2010 at 10:40 AM  

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