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Hey, you look just like ...
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay, I am already seeing a pattern here in Music City: Everywhere I go I see female sales clerks, waitresses, etc. who look and sound like country music stars. There was the redhead at the shoe store in Green Hills Mall who looked and sounded just like Reba Mcentire. And there's Cathy at Downtown Cleaners (Since 1946) just outside our condo tower on Church Street; she looks and sounds so much like Loretta Lynn, I found myself flirting with her just so she'd keep talking.

I'm realizing, through listening to accents, that a lot of the country-western stars from my childhood (aka classic country) most likely hailed from Tennessee. Not Georgia or Mississippi or the Carolinas. The original Tennessee accent is different, originating more from the nasal cavity than the throat, as does the Georgia accent.


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