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Here they come!
Friday, March 12, 2010

My Florida-cracker daughter (cracker is what you call a native Floridian) is coming home from Ohio for spring break this weekend, and she brings with her a vanload of fellow college girls dying for sunshine and nicer weather. It's been pretty cold here -- hell, it's been cold everywhere, hasn't it -- but it looks like things are going to warm up nicely for them.
Oh, and good friends from Kansas are coming as well. Total household tally: 8.

They should roll into town late Saturday, so I've got lots to do:

-Find that aerobed that I haven't had to use since the last hurricane.
-Complete one HUGE trip to the supermarket. I'll have so many groceries that the checkout clerk will ask, "Is there a hurricane coming?"
-Set up the badminton net.
-Make sure I know where my ear plugs are.
-Sharpen kitchen knives (They'll be busy! Lots of cooking.)
-Reorganize refrigerator to accommodate 4,523 bottles of water and soda
-Hide family photos that my daughter will find embarrassing
-Practicing masking my own eccentricities so I don't embarrass my daughter.

It'll be a lot of work. But I'm looking forward to it. I sure miss that kid of mine. And it'll be nice getting to know her friends.


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