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Thursday, May 6, 2010

When the volcanic ash shut down air travel a few weeks ago my friend Steve was stuck in ... of all places, Amsterdam. I could not think of a better spot for my party-loving buddy to be stranded.

Evidently, he was pleased with the service at the Best Western hotel -- and even wrote the corporate PR people a letter that said so. Elizabeth with Best Western International Customer Care responded with this:

Thank you for your e-mail concerning your stay at the Best Western

Museumhotels Delft. We were pleased to hear of the excellent service
that you received while you were a guest at the hotel. It is always a
pleasure to receive positive comments from guests about a Best Western
member establishment.

And now, I'll share you Steve's letter:

My extended stay at the Museumhotels Delft do to the Icelandic volcano
eruption was truely enjoyable. Everyone on the staff took care of me and
made me feel at home. Including my new best friend "Mickey". I am not
sure when my schedule will allow me to return but hope to see them all
again and I hope my little furry mouse friend will be up to see me again
as well.

Yes, there was a mouse in his room. He even sent them a digital photo of the little guy.


Blogger Unknown said...

In the rapid exchange of internet information, remember you only need sunshine to read the morning paper and it can also be rolled up to defend yourself against small furry creatures.

May 8, 2010 at 9:33 AM  

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