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Help for the food packrat
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I just read in the Wall Street Journal that the average American cleans his/her refrigerator out only once or twice a year. Now, I have to admit: It is amazing how much those things can hold, isn't it? You cram and cram and cram and there's always room.

It's also stinky and a little dangerous. So, here's a hint from Ad that'll keep the mold out of your 'fridge: Don't clean the entire 'fridge at one time. How daunting is that? No wonder we put it off for so long. Instead, just pick one shelf or one drawer at a time, and clean that out. 'Takes just five minutes or so ... unless it's cucumbers on the bottom of the veggie drawer. Disgusting, aren't they? Why can't everything decompose like carrots ... just wither away until they're dry and shriveled.


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