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My Weekend Adventure: Chapter 1
Monday, June 7, 2010

I met my wife and some friends for the weekend at Disney's Fort Wilderness Lodge this weekend, and there's plentiful news to share. First, this was the view from our window in the $208-per-night room at the lodge:
Yes, a lovely panorama of the smokehouse for the restaurant, some very impressive electrical transformers, and a gurgling lagoon filled with a mysterious substance. Let's just say that nary a bird dared to go near it. (I do have to admit, however, that this was an ideal place to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks display.)

This is the kind of room they give Floridians with their special Floridian discount, and, frankly, you can't blame them; they know we'll be back because it's cheaper for us to do so. Its a sacrifice I will make so Pete from Poughkeepsie and his family, on vacation, can have a nice view of the pool or lake or woods.

Have I ever told y'all that "sacrifice" is my middle name?


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