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Retail Madness
Monday, June 14, 2010

The women's clothing line Chico's is based in my hometown of Fort Myers, and occasionally the company sponsors a warehouse sale to sell off all of its returns at a fraction of the original cost. We're talking jackets and dresses for $10.

My wife couldn't make it this year, so she gave some money to a friend who knows her clothing tastes and asked her to brave the crowds and buy her some basics. Now, this woman had never been to this sale before. And, based on her experience, she'll probably never go again.

Details: Huge warehouse. Hot Florida June day. Hundreds of women scavenging through the goods with sinking-Titanic focus and energy. Oh ... and another wrinkle: No dressing rooms. And signs that warned shoppers about disrobing in public to try on clothes. Evidently, the smarter girls wore swimming suits to the event so they could try on anything they needed to!

My friend thought it was weird. I thought it was pretty clever.


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