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Where's my free wi-fi?
Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm on the road a lot, and I've learned something about wi-fi availability in lodging: The higher the thread count of the sheets, the less likely the chance of having free internet access in the room.

Seriously, the scuzzy, scabby chains always have free wi-fi, but the nicer places like Westin charge you about $10 a day. Go figure. I'd rather they forego the nightly turn-down service with free chocolates and give me some free access instead.

More lodging news: Remember the TV news segment about filthy bedspreads in hotels/motels? They rarely get washed, and Lord can even guess what guests do on them: sit naked, have fun, clip their toenails, pass gas, etc. We always take ours off the bed the second we get there.

But recently a reader told me there's something else to consider: The remote controls for the TV. Think about it. All those hands touching it ... and you have no idea where they've been.


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