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A word about those messy beds
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not long ago, I was traveling when I returned to my hotel room after a harried day and saw that the maids had made my bed. Ahhhhh, there's nothing quite like that, is there? While you've been gone, someone has come into your world and done something that gives your life a feeling of order and calm. A well-made bed reminds us that every day is a fresh start.

They say that art and reason are what elevates mankind above the other species. I'd like to add "making-the-bed" to that list. We are the only critters who do it.....and it keeps us more civilized than the others. Little things like this help keep society glued together.

That said, I rarely make mine ... especially when my wife's out of town. My mom never made it a priority to force us to make the beds. (And thanks, Mom!) In fact, she tells this story: One day, a female friend came over, mid-morning, for coffee and was shocked when she noticed that the beds weren't made. My mom, the ever-creative Joy Hudler, said something like, "What!? You make your beds before noon? Oh, you should NEVER do that. It keeps the bacteria trapped under the sheets, and they multiply all day long. You shouldn't make your bed until the end of the day." (I included this in my novel "Man of the House")

My wife loves order, which includes a made bed.
True confession: As the stay-at-home spouse, I've lost count of the times that the beds didn't get made until 4:45 in the afternoon.

Anyway, next time you're on the road, remember to tip those hotel chambermaids!


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