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Ad's Logo Contest
Friday, July 9, 2010

On a recent trip I absorbed and pondered logos on trucks. As someone who is prone to judge by appearance, I tend to be very interested in how companies decide to brand themselves. Here's the best one, the winner:


You may not know this. I didn't until a few years ago, but there's an arrow in their logo. Do you see it? It's the negative space between the E and X. Brilliant, huh, especially for a company that needs to be known for ACTION.

And now, the worst logo:


Okay, what the HELL were these people thinking? First of all, it looks like Sherwin Williams wants to coat the entire planet in a manmade, messy goo....and how bad does this look in this post-worst-oil-spill-in-history era of ours? Who needs oceans and nature? Let's cover it ALL IN PAINT. And second, they chose RED for the color? Hello? The color of blood? I just think this is a scary, violent-looking logo.

Besides, Benjamin Moore makes better paints.


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