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Homeless in Nashville
Thursday, July 29, 2010

This city is very unique when it comes to homeless people. First of all, most of them are very clean, and their clothes are clean as well. There must be some church downtown that gives them access to showers and washing machines.

Second, they all have suitcases instead of grocery carts and paper bags.
Third, you see a lot of them eating or drinking takeout items they've bought at downtown eateries or fast-food marts.

Honestly, you frequently have to look twice at them to determine whether they're homeless or not.

And, for the most part, the police leave them alone. It's as if they reached an unspoken agreement: Don't look homeless, and don't panhandle, and we won't harass you.

Also notable: A local downtown church helps the homeless publish their own newspaper, called The Communicator. Bad name, but very cool little publication, which homeless people get to sell for $1 on the street and keep a portion of the proceeds. It's written by homeless folks, and it has both sad and happy stories in it....like articles about police harassment and success stories about homeless people who have found a job and permanent housing.
My favorite feature in this newspaper is the horoscope, which is called the "hoboscope."


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