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Lordy, Lord, Lord ... my butt's tired from all that drivin' ... but what a great time I had!
Monday, July 19, 2010

3,521 miles in seven days! If you saw a white tornado going through the South this past week it was me in my F-150. I met and talked with five different Pulpwood Queen book clubs, and each of them have some common characteristics:
1. They're all a little crazy, each and every one of them, which is why I understand them so well.
2. They're all addicted to fun and laughter.
3. They all tend to be attractive.
4. They're all excellent hosts. The Pulpwood Queens of Carrollton, Georgia, pictured directly below, gave me as gifts a vintage Glenn Campbell album and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Someone was DEFINITELY doing her homework. (Thanks, Anita!) Mary Jane opened her lovely house to us for the meeting, and I brought fresh cherries, Publix subs, chips and drinks, which, this being the elegant South, were taken from their original packaging and set atop nice plates.

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, I was hosted by the Southwest Louisiana Pulpwood Queens. Below are two women I'd met earlier this year at Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas. Meet Kay, the event organizer, and Laurie. This was one of the smartest book clubs I've ever spoken to. I left feeling a little exposed and exhausted ... felt as if I'd just gone through a session of intensive therapy. But then they all treated me to a great dinner at Darryl's, where I had a 12-inch sandwich that had perhaps 21 varieties of meat on it, slathered with jalapeno mayo. "What's that sound?" asked a queen as I ate. I replied, "It's my capillaries slamming shut."
Oh, and notice the name tag. You can't read it, but it's very cool: It says "King Ad."
I don't think I'll ever take it off.

Here's a group shot of the Southwest LA girls:

And here's a group shot of the folks from the East Texas Pulpwood Queen group. Unfortunately, when I blogged about my incredible visit to Jefferson I was unable to upload photos on blogger.

To all of you: Thanks for all that you're doing for literacy and spreading the culture of reading around the world. There are already 300-plus chapters of Pulpwood Queens, and it's growing stronger and bigger every day.

See you all at Girlfriend Weekend in January. My mom's joining me this year. Until then, wear those tiaras proudly.


Blogger Unknown said...

Ad, as the Queen of all the Pulpwood Queen 315 chapters, we just want to thank you for coming to visit our book clubs in the south. We know that you had to take time away from your family and your writing but I can assure you, you have our undying love and shelling out big bucks for your books forever!
Bowing to KING AD who singlehandedly started our NEW literacy promoting endeavor with his naked in the hammock photo wearing only a cowboy hat and boot NEW Timber Guy Calendar launch! We have heard your photo has now gone VIRAL so bringing other MANLY MEN on board for our very provocative new endeavor!
Introducing Mr. August, AD HUDLER, and will let you all know when you can order your Timber Guy Calendar coming soon!
Tiara wearing and Beauty and the Book sharing,
Kathy L. Patrick
Founder of the Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Clubs
P.S. We can't wait to meet your MOM!!!!!

July 20, 2010 at 12:46 AM  
Blogger Kay Huck said...


We loved having your come visit and are looking forward to seeing you at Girlfriends Weekend.

As Denver Moore asks Ron Hall in Same Kind of Different as Me, do you want a friend or are you a "catch and release" kinda guy.

Well the Pulpwood Queens are not "catch and release"!

All the best for you and your family

Kay Huck

July 20, 2010 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger daphne said...

my sister is the Lake Charles queen with the adorable fat baby in the pic. You were exhausted because it is a bunch of engineers. They are at once intriguing & infuriating. She is still talking to me about that book club & I made her take me to Daryl's last time I was in town which is where my fb profile pic is from. Grace & Peace, daphne

July 29, 2010 at 6:08 PM  

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