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Reasons to Stay Home: #4571FW
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

True story: A hairdresser on vacation decides to treat herself and get her hair cut and colored by someone new, and when she gets there she's told that she has head lice running about her scalp.

Now, this gal is smart ... and she's wondering how in tarnation she got the lice ... think, think, think, think ... and when she returned to her hotel room she looked at the bed she'd slept in the night before and ... AHA!

The bed had an upholstered headboard with a nice nubby weave that would make a swell habitat for ... well ... for little tiny, crawling creatures.

Indeed, after further scrutiny, she discovered a Tokyo of head lice.

These days, when she books a room, she asks what the headboards are made of. Because if she didn't she'd probably end up having a louse-y time.
(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)


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