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Teacher appreciation: AaaaaaaaaaaaCHEW!
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I travel a lot, and I'm in airports just about every ten days or so ... and I've noticed something: The transition is complete: I see more people nowadays stifling a cough or sneeze with their elbows (the bend in the arm) instead of their hands.

Of course, everyone over the age of 30 was taught to cover their mouths with their hands, and in doing so we were actually hastening the spread of the germs: Hand catches virus, hand touches door knob, next Sorry Joe comes along to the same door ... and then it's he who has the previous person's cooties. New definition for hand-to-hand combat.

So ... good job, Germ Police. I'm guessing that school teachers are to thank for this (They showed our children, and our children showed us.) Another wonderful thing they have done to help society.

Why don't we pay school teachers more? It's a sin that football players and actors earn millions a year, and our teachers barely make poverty wages. Some day the history books will say this: The civilization declined and, eventually, collapsed, largely because school teachers were not compensated fairly for their work, which symbolized the culture's lack of concern for education or the future."


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