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Family Fun in New York City
Monday, November 8, 2010

As my facebook friends know, my wife and daughter bought me for my birthday a trip to New York to see Pee-Wee Herman's Playhouse on Broadway. I own the entire video set of the TV cartoon show that ran for five years. I think he's brilliant and childish, much like myself (wink), and he reminds us all to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I don't care that he was arrested for masturbating in an adult movie theatre. I mean, what else do you think guys are gonna be doing in those places, hmmm? At least he was pleasuring himself with himself, and not the hand of someone else. 'Nuf said on that.

First, the audience. It was mixed and largely older with a lot of gay couples. I was wondering if Miss Yvonne ("The Most Beautiful Woman in all of Cartoonland") was the new Liza Minnelli or Cher. And everyone there knew the world of Pee-Wee. My wife and daughter heard someone singing the Pee-Wee Herman cartoon song on the toilet in the bathroom.

Just like in the cartoon, Pee-Wee had a secret word of the day (it was "fun" this time), and every time someone on stage said "fun" the audience had to scream and yell -- and we did.

There was Globey the talking globe, and Terri the terradactyl. Chairy the chair sounded just like she did in the show. And Pee-Wee? he was perfect. I've got to say ... I was speechless when he came out on stage. I'd only seen him in his show and movies and there he was, just 20 feet away. I could see his wrinkles. I was in awe, and so was the audience. And we all yelled and exclaimed throughout the whole show. It felt like an African-American church service. Very participatory.

Because the show wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon it was more risque with some great junior-high-level sexual humor. At one point the lights went out (on purpose) and everyone on stage was looking for the flashlight. Conky, the talking robot says to someone, "That is NOT the flashlight. Please let it go." Also, on the cartoon show Pee-Wee always showed kids how to make a healthy snack for themselves without getting hurt in the kitchen. But on Broadway the snack was deep-fried onion rings, and Shamwow the shammy accidentally fell into it and met his doom.

We left happy because everything in cartoon land ends happy. Jomby the genie granted Pee-Wee his wish to fly. Miss Yvonne married Cowboy Curtis. And I left with a huge smile.


Blogger Libby McMillan said...

I watched PeeWee's show religiously, and am insanely jealous you got to go to this show! Sounds fab. I love me some PeeWee !!!

November 11, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

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