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An unusual death in Boulder
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few weeks ago, my niece, a junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder, went outside to her porch and discovered drops of blood. They'd been having trouble with urban raccoons and she wondered if one had been caught and devoured by a mountain lion or some other predator during the night.

They looked all over for the carcass but couldn't find it. And then my niece looked up, and this is what she saw:

We're not really sure what happened here. Either he was stuck in the attic, and he managed to squeeze through a hole in the eaves (see a similar one nearby)...only to get stuck in the end. That seems unlikely; I'm not sure raccoons are as pliable as rats.

Raccoon suicide?

Sheer stupidity?

Someone's idea of a joke?

I officially present this as Mystery #473E2


Blogger Unknown said...

That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen except for the video of this little black alien crawling across a woman's kitchen window as her husband filmed her at night from the back yard as she did dishes. I was never ever able to figure that one out either. Strange?

December 9, 2010 at 8:26 AM  

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