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Wine vs. Booze: More from the Memoir in progress
Saturday, February 19, 2011

From a chapter about my lifelong, rocky relationship with alcohol:

One year for Fourth of July Carol and I decided to have a Mexican-themed meal. This, of course, meant margarita. Both of us being born and raised in the Mexican-heavy West, we serve an authentic, potent version of the citrusy cocktail: one-third tequila, one third Cointreau, one third fresh lime juice.

By the time dinner was ready, two people had passed out in their chairs. Two others, discussing national politics, were shouting at each other. In the postmortem of this crash-of-a-dinner party, Carol and I concluded that spirits dramatically alter the arc of an evening. With beer and wine there is a gentle rise in inebriation, gradual and prolonged like a sloping hill, because the body can absorb the alcohol it's taking in. With spirits, however, the rise in drunkenness is faster, steeper; you catapult yourself to the narrow apex, hold on to the top for a brief moment, and then tumble down the other side. Often, there are casualties: someone's pride, someone's dignity, a friendship.


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