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Adaptation as an Art
Friday, September 9, 2011

I've always believed that when it comes to human behavior we rise up or slip down to match the collective expectations and norms of the society we live in at that time.

When we lived in Macon, Georgia, we found our manners improving (saying "Yes, Ma'am" and opening doors for people), and we found ourselves taking more time to engage in idle chat.

Conversely, after living 5 or 6 years in laid-back, informal Fort Myers, I caught my wife one day in flip-flops, going out to dinner ... and she'd messily wrapped a piece of duct tape around her injured toenail. It was just fine doing this in semi-feral Florida; she thought nothing of it.

Last night, we had dinner with new friends in Nashville. Swell people. She's from an Old Nashville family but married a Yankee! And you'd never know it. This guy is from Minnesota. And while he has the physical markings of a sturdy northern Midwesterner, his manners and speech paint him as a man from Middle Tennessee. When he was telling us about his boy-toy patch of land out in the country he said this:

"I've been re-workin' this ol' pond."

Isn't that an awesome sentence?

My friend, your Dixie Green Card has been renewed for another year.


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