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Those frozen french fries? They're right beside the blue jeans.
Thursday, November 3, 2011

I just read in today's New York Times that the Levi Strauss company is trying to lessen their environmental imprint -- and they want the buyers of their jeans to do the same thing.

They ask us -- and I'm not kidding about this -- not to wash our jeans more than we need to.

I'm already there. Honestly, I wear a pair of jeans for up to 10 days sometimes without a wash. Denim is amazing; it seems to shed odors overnight ... even smoke from a bar.

The most fun fact from the article was this handy household hint on how to keep your jeans odor-free for longer: Put them in the freezer overnight.

Evidently, the cold temperature kills the germs that cause odors ... although, the article warns us, this is more successful if the person has faithfully been wearing underwear beneath his jeans.

I'm gonna try this one, folks.


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