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New Game to play: Which Modern Family character do you most identify with?
Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our family loves the sitcom Modern Family. And each time we watch it we find ourselves giggling at the characters because they say things and do things that hit universal chords. In other words, we identify with them. Their actions and sentiments feel genuine: real.

My corporate-president wife, for example, says she identifies with Phil and Jay. Our daughter identifies partly with Alex and Hailey. 

And me? I've tried to keep this secret for quite some time .... until this morning when both my wife and daughter informed me: "You're such a Cam."

For those who don't know the show, Cam is the beefy, stay-at-home gay guy who is an over-the-top Queen.

Like Cam, I am expressive. Like Cam, I am high-maintenance, demanding much attention and affirmation that I am excellent. I even favor Cam-style shirts. Still, I do identify with traits of some of the other characters: I share Phil's junior-high sense of humor and Claire's psychotic-mom gene.

Evidently, much to my horror, everyone has been calling me a Cam behind my back: my daughter's boyfriend, her roommate and friends ... and the list goes on.

So I pushed my daughter and wife against the wall, demanding clarification.

"I'm not queeny, though -- right?" I demanded.

They looked at each other cautiously. "No," my wife said, tentatively. "You're kind of Cam with some Jay mixed in. (Jay is the crochety, ultra-macho patriarch of the family.) ... You're Cam's personality with Jay's mannerisms."

Uhm....okay....thanks....I guess. 

Evidently, my boots and power-lifting and pickup truck are doing me absolutely no good.


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