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A Nashville Mystery
Thursday, April 18, 2013

I've lived in seven states and even more cities, and despite what many folks say this is not a homogeneous, boring country -- there are plenty of local eccentricities out there.

One I can't figure out in Nashville is what I've named the Music City Six-Foot Rule: In any queue at a retail outlet or restaurant ... basically any place where people are standing in line to pay a bill ... the person who is next in line rarely stands closer than six feet from the person who is conducting their transaction before them. There's this huge gap, big enough to drive a car through. And I am so, so tempted to just fill that gap ... to budge.

I can understand this in some venues, like a doctor's office or adult video store, but this six-foot rule is true even in grocery stores. And it's not a Southern thing. I don't see it in Macon or Ashville or even Memphis. Hmmmmmmmm..........


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