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Mr. EarthSaver says: Leave the gift bags at home, please.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Common scenario in adult life:

You say to the dinner-party hostess,"What can I bring?"
And they say, "Only yourselves and a smile." Or something just as stupid.
So you pull a bottle of wine out of the cabinet...one that someone brought to your dinner party, and you put it in one of these:

This one is really nice. It's made of a high-cotton-count paper with sparklies on the peacock feathers. Think of how many of these are given out in the average evening throughout America. They add nothing to the sentiments behind the gift. They clutter one's house. They suck up resources. Most of them are ugly (although this one's kinda pretty).

I'm guessing the host would rather you put the 4$-10$ you spent on the bag toward the wine; you could buy a better bottle of vino. And then, maybe, they would actually drink and enjoy the wine instead of re-gifting it.


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