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Wo(men): The line is blurring. Report from the Men's Room
Monday, June 10, 2013

In so many ways, the American male has become more womanized in recent years. For starters, men are sharing more than they ever have, usually via social media. Who would have thought twenty years ago that so many guys would gush about their families or their daily lives in a public forum?

Men are paying more attention to grooming. (And I think it's really weird how so many of the younger guys are actually shaving their chests and legs and arms.)

Here's another way men have become more like women: their modesty.

In the old days, when I was a kid, this was the scenario in a public men's bathroom: There was one urinal for everyone, a single, long trough that we all stepped up to to do our business. (Think of a horse's drinking trough -- that's what it looked like) Occasionally, these were even round, so that we (and our junk) actually faced each other. It was no big deal. We peed. Sometimes we actually talked and joked with each other. No more. The social side of a man's bathroom is now gone.

Compare that to today: Nearly all bathrooms now have urinals separated by 18-inch partitions that jut out of the wall, PROTECTING us from each other. And it's as if we take a cue from these blockades: men just don't say hey in bathrooms anymore -- and it was not like that when I was a kid.

Gentlemen ... what are you afraid of? Why this growing modesty?

Let's bring down the walls and return camaraderie to the men's room!


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